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Will Tutor Calculus for Coffee!!

If you are a college student in or near Ventura, California, in search of mathematics tutoring, I might be able to help you.

Before I retired to Ventura I taught at CSUN for 20 years. These are the classes I have taught and tutored students in:

  • Calculus (all levels)
  • Programming in python
  • Scientific computation/numerical analysis
  • Introductory statistics and machine learning
  • Differential equations
  • College Geometry for High School Teachers
  • Discrete Mathematics

I might be able to help you in other classes such as trig or algebra as I have less experience with those. I am the most experience in calc and diffeq.

I am unlikely to be able to help high school students or with SAT prep.

I would prefer to meet at a local coffee bar such as Tatiana's on Main, Starbucks (e.g., by VC or the Collection), Barnes and Noble on Telephone, or one of the many other excellent coffee houses in the area. The cost of the first hour session would be a fru-fru drink of my choice such as a caramel macchiato or mocha. After that rates are negotiable depending on your ability to pay and how much you value the experience.

Please bring your textbook, paper, and pencil or pen to the meeting.

Contact me by email: mathtutor@biomathman.com